Three Hearts As One 3<3

we tilled Skyrim’s ground, despite frozen toil
we tended the Kwama beneath Morrowind soil
we hunted the Wamasu in Black Marshes glades
we three hearts had no need for blades…

then they came from the seas, folded steel in their hands
they burned down our homes, & ravaged our lands
Akaviri brought nothing but bloodshed & lies
our families were slain before our eyes

with three separate people they shared a cruel joke
a choice between death or the yoke
but then our three people knew what must be done
to end the oppression; of three became one

forged by war, the Ebonhearts rose
& drove the Akaviri back to the sea
when the enemies begged for the mercy they lacked
three voices as one

Blood <3 for <3 the <3 Pact

Malukah :|: †kali

= † =

forged by war, our story be told
no shackles can hold us — whether moonstone, or gold

ESO EU :|: Tomoe Nichiren | La Kapitana | Yuki of Vizima

arc &amp; croak, all bloodied, soakedall your life, a cosmic jokewhipped my ass down nightmare road .†. now Wolf waits at your doori burn &amp; dance, i tear &amp; tranceending your torture, pain romancego whoop &amp; howl, you have no chance .†. burn &amp; rise no more
-Motörhead :|: †kali
.^.______________________________________________________ †

arc & croak, all bloodied, soaked
all your life, a cosmic joke
whipped my ass down nightmare road .†. now Wolf waits at your door
i burn & dance, i tear & trance
ending your torture, pain romance
go whoop & howl, you have no chance .†. burn & rise no more


-Motörhead :|: †kali

.^.______________________________________________________ †

Diamanda Galás †† Sono L'Antichristo

sono la prova :|: i ∆m the tri∆l
sono la salva :|: i ∆m s∆lv∆tion
sono la carne macellata :|: i ∆m the butcher’s me∆t

sono la sanzione :|: i ∆m punishment
sono il sacrificio :|: i ∆m \|/ s∆crifice
sono la ragna bianca :|: i ∆m the white spider

sono lo schermo :|: i ∆m the scourge
sono la santa sede :|: i ∆m the holy throne
sono le feci dal signore :|: i ∆m the shit of god

sono lo segno :|: i ∆m the m∆rk
sono la pestilenza :|: i ∆m pestilence
sono l’antichristo :|: i ∆m the antichrist

sono l’antichristo
i ∆m the ∆ntichrist
sono l’antichristo


-Diamanda Galás :|: †kali

"what’s in-fucking-side me?"

there’s a monster in your chest. these guys hijacked your ship, & they sold your cryo tube to this… human. & he put an alien inside of you. it’s a really nasty one. & in a few hours it’s gonna burst through your ribcage, & you’re gonna die. any questions?

"who are you?"

i’m the monster’s mother.

-Ellen Ripley :|: †kali

"scream if this hurts, chica."

"scream if this hurts, chica."